Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Visit to Jensen's Art Studio

I took a trip with my good mate Nick Jensen to his personal art studio in Holland Park today to get some fucking work done...
For those who don't know, Nick is a fantastic painter and just as good on a skateboard.
check his art at: NickJensen.co.uk
and If you haven't seen the new Lakai "Fully Flared" video yet... you're sleeping.
Nick is one of the best people on the planet, bar none... not to mention, makes one hell of a bacon sandwich.
I love this guy.

... and now I'm off to Barcelona. This is gonna be fun.

There's a Slight Resemblance




Here is a portrait done of, oddly enough, my man Steve (Savior Self - Old English Klick, 1904, sucka!!!) and myself.
Being the self-admitted narcissist that I am, I must say its about fucking time I'm on a Poster in the London Underground... and I am looking quite suave too, I might add... (where the ladies at?!?!?!)
This stunning bit of artwork was done by one of my favorite designers, as well as my good friend- Nora Alhamrani (La Verge) for the "Art Below" project. Nora just graduated from Chelsea University with an MA in Graphic Design... you go girl!!!

The portrait can be seen at Hammersmith Station, on Platform 1 of the Hammersmith & City Line.

Now all I have to do is sit back and wait for that Nike photo incentive to come in the mail.... 'doooooooooot!'

A Beautiful Day

Battersie Power Station- As seen on Pink Floyd's "Animals" cover artwork.

The National Portrait Gallery

St. Paul's Catherdral

Trafalgar Square

The first weekend of the Year brought in perhaps the most beatiful weekend I've seen since I've been here... Hardly a cloud in sight. So I decided to 'get my tourist on' and take some photos of this English winter time anomaly.


Small part of the packed crowd... I see Seth.

Me (kinda) and my American counterpart Will Harmon... about 6 hours deep.

I don't remember much of this night. I went to the Royal Oak Pub in Hackney... I was tossed pretty early on and didn't take many flics, but I remember having a good time... until those back to back shots of Sambuka came on deck- Ouch! That shit had the room spinning as soon as it touched my lips...

Anyhow it's going to be a good year...
Happy Belated New Year to all of you!
MMVIII? I'll be having that.

Christmas in London

Christmas Eve in Sloane Square.

The absolutely amazing Christmas Roast courtesy of my man, Marshal... Yes Marsh!!!

It was a pretty quiet Christmas season... and I quite enjoyed it. A couple spiffs, a few Stellas, and a roast... off the chain
Cheers to Marshall and Ches for the food and accommodations. As Well as fellow Yanks- Will Harmon and his sister the company.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas...

My gift to all of you... heres a download of "Merry Crassmas".
This was a festive Holiday 7" from the definitve Anarcho-Nihilists, Crass. This track pretty fucking rare, even to your seasoned lice-ridden, glue-sniffing, Strongbow Drinking squat-punk.
Now, get your eggnog, put on your slippers and enjoy the sounds of the Christmas Season.

and Have a Very Merry Christmas Crassmas

Nixon Holiday '07

I know I've been slacking with putting my design work on here recently... but I assure you, that doesn't mean I'm slacking on the design work itself. Anyhow, here are a few graphics I designed that just dropped in the current Holiday season line from Nixon Watches... although the type graphic had been slightly changed from the initial graphic I had sent... for lack of a better term "dumbed down".... I hate when that happens.